Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Children of Men

Children of Men (2006), directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is a post apocalyptic film set in the year 2027. The film takes place in the United Kingdom in the midst of a global infertility epidemic that has convinced the human race that it shall end within the century. As a result of this impending doom, the United Kingdom begins a movement of ethnic cleansing that targets immigrants to the nation. We follow the main protagonist Theo, played by Clive Owen, as he journeys through the countryside with Kee, the refugee immigrant who through her pregnancy has the potential to save the human race from extinction. The clip below is taken from the car scene where Theo and his ex-wife Julia are traveling with Kee, her caretaker and a member of the radical immigrant rights group, The Fishes. This shot takes place before Theo is informed that Kee is pregnant. It is one of the most famous shots from the film due to its exceptional cinematography.

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