Saturday, November 21, 2009

Troll 2

Ah, as Dave Chappelle would say, what can be said about Troll 2 that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? Jokes aside (but not really), Troll 2 is arguably the worst film ever made, and for a long time actually was number one on IMDB's list of awful films. It was the subject of the documentary Best Worst Movie, which perversely enough received good reviews. As for the film itself, it's amazing how thorough of a failure this film is. Troll 2's acting is laughably horrific: its dialogue is even worse. The editing, lighting, sound and camerawork manages to ruin nearly every scene, and the plot is incomprehensible. Also, it's actually about Goblins (who live in the town of Nilbog. Get it?). Goblins who turn people into plants. And then eat the plants. Seriously. And if the context of the clip confuses you because you haven't seen the film, seeing the film will not help. It has no context.

For attempting to make sense out of this unholy disaster, please go to

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