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Chocolat (2000) is a romance film starring Juliette Binoche. Set in a beautiful French village, it is about Vianne Rocher's arrival and the changes she incurs by setting up her chocolaterie during Lent. At first met with criticsm by the townspeople and especially the mayor, she manages to win over everybody with her charm and chocolates. Vianne's feats include reviving a couple's marriage, reuniting estranged family members, saving a woman from her husband's drunken beatings and overall inspiring a benefitical change in the town. The film culminates with the arrival of gypsy river crew members, one of which Vianne eventually falls in love with. Although the film has been classified as a romance, there is much more to be taken away from it. Binoche's performance as a feisty, independent woman willing to break rules to rouse a sleepy town certainly should have won the Oscar she was nominated for.

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