Thursday, November 19, 2009

Karate Cop, 1991

With a tagline like “In the future there is no law and no order. Only John Travis, The last cop on Earth.” are you setting yourself up for disaster?

Karate Cop (1991) is actually a low budget sequel to a 1990 film Omega Cop. The film starts out in the future with Rachel (Carrie Chambers) running (that’s what I’ll call it) away from the evil cronies only to be “hit” by a rock.

We are then introduced to the hero of the film—John Travis (Ron Marchini), the last cop on Earth. As for the other cops, we don’t know, I guess the directors felt that that fact was irrelevant to the story. John saves her and through some dialogue and a couple of “hee-yahs”, we find out that she is some sort of unidentified “scientist”. She is also the leader of the Freebies, a rebel group. Seeing as they are the only remotely attractive middle aged people in the film—as everyone else is in some kind of Halloween costume as the bad people or too young—we assume that these two are love interests.

The plot, more simple than the characters, is John and Rachel scour the city in search of a priceless stone. The villain, David Carradine, of course, intends to rule the world with that stone.
There’s some time travel, but you can’t tell, because the whole set looks like the backyard of a rundown 1980s city projects. There’s some acting, for example when Rachel falls down, she looks genuinely hurt. There is supposedly martial arts too, but it’s hard to tell when you kick and knock someone down 7 feet away from you. All in all, with Karate Cop, you get what you’d think a title like that would bring.

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