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Kontroll is a Hungarian thriller/comedy by first time director Nimrod Antal, released in 2003. The film was shot entirely in the Budapest Metro System. Kontroll focuses on the protagonist, Bolscu, and the other members assigned to his group of Kontroll, the Metro workers responsible for randomly checking passengers tickets to insure they have paid their fares. The group is full of quirky personalities. Their work is portrayed as extremely unpleasant, as they are both hated and disrespected by the Metro riders whose tickets they try to check. Much of the film focuses on the dreariness and inherent humor involved in this process. However, the real substance of the film consists of two mysteries: Why Bolscu, who the audience learns was once brilliant in some unrevealed field above ground, choses to work, and live full time, in the Metro, and the identity of the hooded figure who pushes Metro riders to their deaths in front of speeding trains. In typical foreign film fashion, these questions are not directly addressed, but instead have subtle hints towards the answer.

This particular clip shows Bolscu going "railing", a high speed race on the tracks against both each other and the approaching Metro train, with the leader of a rival gang of Kontroll. Although the clip is not the best example of the humor of the movie, or the message of the film, nor is it the most exciting part of the film, it does an excellent job of providing the viewer with the feel of the movie. It is tense, with elements of humor, showcases some of the stranger personalities of the characters, and perhaps most importantly, displays the amazing way Antal interacts with his setting.

The clip begins with the beginning of this youtube video, and ends at approximately 4:25.

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